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大家好,我系Monster.Chan,一名来自中国的 iOS / AWS / Unity3D 开发者,就职于SAINSTORE。在不断修炼,努力提升自己

结合工作经验,目前写了《Getting Started with AWS》、《Websites & Web Apps on AWS》,欢迎试读或者购买

Magento on the Cloud in scalable

I want to get Magento into the cloud and make it scalable. This decision come about as we believe performance is a large factor in conversion, coupled with server reliability and server uptime. You may ask "Why we should use aws? " It has become obvious that the cloud has many advantages over a rack full of servers in one data centre.


What's to follow is a set of instruction on how I went about getting Magento into the cloud and making it scalable configuration. I am sure it's not the "correct" ways, but it works. The following are the tools I used:

  • Magento1.7.0.1 Community Edition
  • Amazon AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS, S3/Cloudfront)
  • OnePica Image CDN plugin
  • Scalr (Open source cloud management platform)
  • NFSv4
  • s3cmd

As you know, Scalr isn't not require, but it does provide some handly features like managing a DNS record for each server instance or following you to execute scripts across multiple server. Here is what I am trying to achrieve.

This image above depicts:

  • ELB(Load balancer), balancing our web servers
  • S3(CDN) which will host our cached media files and skin files (you should use cloudfront)
  • (EC2)x2 Public facing web servers which will contain our Magento code base (infact you can set up more than two web servers)
  • (EC2) Admin web server which will be a seperated administration-only server
  • (EBS) Persistant storage mounted on the admin server containing our media shared out via NFS
  • (RDS) Database server

To Be Continue......



从iOS开始,苹果一直在建议开发者使用自动化布局,但我发现大家都在逃避这个问题,采用最多仍然是固定布局。 自从iPhone6上市后,人们很难再去逃避这个自动化布局问题,四种屏幕的尺寸(算上iPad就要上升到5种了)、3各种分辨率和转向似乎让着手于自适应布局变得更加简单。 看完整篇文章,希望你可以流畅使用storyboards、constraints和size class的特性。 Storyboards在Xcode中,storyboards可以让你在屏幕上拖放原生对象并定义每个屏幕之间...…


Application Loader无法上传解决方法

今天通过Application Loader提交应用,无奈怎么也无法上传,同时出现以下错误提示: Cannot proceed with delivery: an existing transporter instance is currently uploading this package无论Clearn All,重启,再重新Submit都是失败。最后发现原来是上传动作给UploadToken记录了,要采用以下方法解决: 开启终端,到达你个人用户目录下输入ls -al,可以看到一个...…